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Save your custom filters

Use browser bookmarks to save your GO and Elcert screen filters and to easily navigate between different filter combinations.

Save your filters and quickly jump between the combinations you want.

Click on any of the links below to see the resulting screen in-app:

You can be specific:

To customize your own, click on the filters you want. Notice that the URL in your browser changes (some specific browser settings might hide the information).

Save the filters as browser bookmarks

The trick is to save these templates/links (the data is stored in the URL).

  1. With your GO screen open add a browser bookmark (CTRL-D in chrome).
  2. Create a descriptive name and know you have direct links to your favorite screens

Now you can toggle between your combinations of our filters with the click of a button.

Save on your computer

For even easier access, store the links on windows/mac.

You can drag the bookmarks to your Windows background screen or a folder of your choosing.

Now you have a quick and easy way to jump to GPH with your filters.

Video example

HubSpot Video